Iris & Frits

Iris & Frits live in Zandvoort with great pleasure.

“Bij Frits” is born from a clear idea, a good plan and above all a lot of enthusiasm !

“We have a big house and why shouldn't we share our living pleasure. We both enjoy interacting with other people and offering hospitality. Certainly when we go traveling ourselves, we look at the various websites to look for nice and well-kept accommodations. Then why not do this also ourselves.”

Zandvoort is the place where I, Frits, were born and grew up. The sea and the circuit belong in my life. I have the best memories of delivering newspapers in my youth with wind force 10, where my bike flew in all directions. And the racing cars in the garage in front of our house that were “adjusted” during the night.

Zandvoort is an ideal place to live. Lovely walk along the beach in the morning with the dog or in the dune area. For daily groceries we do not have to leave the village and if we still want to visit some larger stores, we can easily reach Haarlem or Amsterdam. Ideal also to “sniff” some culture.

You don't have to leave Zandvoort for the terraces and restaurants... there are plenty of them! Zandvoort also has beachbars all year round where you can enjoy the beach live.

So come and stay “Bij Frits” and experience it for yourself!

Photo by Kama Tulkibayeva on Unsplash